COVID-19 Response

Dance Factory



 At all times, and especially now during the Covid-19 outbreak, Dance Factory is committed to promoting the health and well-being of our active dancers and the whole community. To honor this commitment, we may need to temporarily adjust our studio schedule and teaching methods to follow recommendations from the CDC and local health departments.  We will use this page to connect students and their families to the most up-to-date information on how we are responding to the crisis using creative approaches to keep our students engaged as active learners. 

Dance Factory is transitioning back into the studio!

 In response to the lift of the "Shelter In Place" order, Dance Factory is in the process of implementing social distancing precautions in our studios, beginning with limited access to our hallways, closing down the water fountain, and inviting a limited amount of dancers to class, while also continuing to provide our dancers with access to online classes. In order to put safety first for all of our families, getting everyone back into the studio cannot be rushed. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition.  

Private Facebook Groups

 Our private Facebook group is the best way to stay up to date on Dance Factory's progress. If you are unsure of how to join our facebook group, give us a call at (970) 506-9040,

Providing Security and CONSISTENCY for current dancers

 We recognize that the necessary requirements to close schools and limit social interaction can be frightening and discouraging for children (and many adults too!) We are working hard to provide consistency and a sense of normalcy for our dancers while at the same time protecting their health and safety. We are dedicated to providing resources to keep our dancers learning through a combination of dramatically reduced class sizes, on-line and live broadcast learning, out door classes, and other strategies. 

Have More Questions?

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