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About Us
Lisa Padgett
Lisa fell in love with dance at the age of 3 when she started dancing with Clarice Tatton in Ft. Morgan. She initially fell in love with tap but has grown to love all genres. She began assisting at the age of 12 and her senior year of high school she was teaching all classes while her director recovered from major surgery. Dance provided fun trips and experiences around our state and country--especially a week-long scholarship to Dance Excellence in California. After graduation, Lisa made the University of Colorado poms team, CU Express (with no prior poms experience). As a sophomore, she was voted captain. After college, Lisa taught at many studios, including The Dance Factory. She is super thrilled that her daughter, Karlee, gets to be a part of such an incredible school! Teaching dance is more than just demonstrating technique, is forging relationships and participating in life journeys! Lisa also has an incredible family--her husband, Matt and 4 kids: Garrett, Karlee, Ali, and Blake.